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Custom cufflinks are mostly made of metal on the raw materials, and some are also set with diamonds, gems, etc., so they have been worn by the aristocratic aura since their birth, and thus become a worthy item to measure men's grades. Although the cufflinks are just a little bit of a little on the shirt cuffs, the beauty of its small details can make men feel intrigued between their hands and feet.
These custom cufflinks have a vintage classic scent. This kind of cufflink not only has the practical function of fixing the sleeve orientation and beautifying the garment, but also has the position of the wearer's identity, and the natural charm of the male between the gestures.
Cufflinks have experienced three stages of development during the development process: traditional chain, rotary card and active. But what we usually see on a normal day is the card type. The active type is more beautiful and more aesthetically pleasing in terms of manufacturing, and of course it is more messy. In the meantime, the most important thing is that it is not a rotating rod to fix the sleeves, but two titanium clips are activated. Just press the button quietly and the jaws will open and press again to close.
We can provide you with the production process including stamping, die-casting, polishing, baking, dispensing, imitation, biting, printing, coloring, electroplating, laser, spraying, diamond-studging, etc.
PINCENTRE is one of the leading China custom cufflinks manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale custom cufflinks products from our factory.

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