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The most common classification of commemorative coins have?

Source: The most common classification of commemorative coins have?

Chinese modern commemorative coins There are five main Category: First by nature can be divided into precious metal commemorative coins and ordinary types of commemorative coins;

Ordinary commemorative coins, including ordinary metal commemorative coins and Jinian Chao.

Ordinary metal commemorative coins are divided into general system of currency and coins refined. Ordinary commemorative coins are made of paper used for printing banknotes or coins of metal casting ordinary, denominations indicate its legal value, mainly Chinese and foreign events, festivals, anniversaries and rare animals and casting design theme. It is a national issue but may circulate commemorative legal tender. After the release, the equivalent with other circulation of RMB in circulation, their denominations credited money in circulation, to become part of the money supply. Thus, the first commemorative coins in circulation are legal tender. Its face value is generally: One angle, One million, five million, ten-dollar, etc., can be used with ordinary paper as the equivalent of RMB traded.

However, commemorative coins in circulation not only a simple currency, or to a major theme for the currency issued special commemorative objects. Thus, it must have memorable. This monumental expression through a pattern of meaning, words to adequately demonstrated. As great series of commemorative coins, with all the well-known great picture-based pattern, a prominent theme, plain and simple. National Day 35th anniversary commemorative coin set of three positive pattern by the national emblem, square, fireworks composition, National Day festive atmosphere at a glance.

In the choice of subject matter, commemorative coins in circulation focused, since a series. On the theme, it highlights the major historical events, outstanding figures and the reality of things is particularly important. These coins also constitute a series, such as the great series, National Day series, sports series, the autonomous region was established series, the Special Administrative Region was established series, series and other rare animals, a reflection of the aspects of our country's politics, economy, culture, sports, science and technology Case.

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