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Plated Option For Badge

Most badge need plated , like plating imitation gold, silver, nickel, bronze and so on. Here are several of these badges plating process to make a brief introduction

1. gold. Also known as gold plated. As the name suggests, is a gold-plated gold-plated surface, which can be divided into 18K gold plating, 20K gold, 24K gold plated, 18K and 24K which used more. Surface treatment can be made with bright gold (high-gloss) and matte gold (gold pearl) effects. Gold plated with bright color, strong sense of metal is not easily oxidized color retention for a long time, looks just like the real gold as the noble, but cost than gold-plated high imitation gold plated lot of care about the cost , you can choose imitation gold plating.

2.imitation gold ,Imitation gold plated with real gold but approximate true color of gold, currently used imitation gold plating layer is present, many based brass plating, imitation gold 18K color to the majority, which is copper-zinc binary alloy, consumers most prefer this color, in imitation gold plating is the most common. Some further added thereto in order to change the appearance of a third color tone metal element. Imitation gold plated alloy coating that is mostly copper-zinc alloy, and added a third metallic element mostly tin. Imitation gold plating surface treatment may also be made of gold and bright (high-gloss) and matte gold (gold pearl) effects. Imitation gold color similar to gold, golden color pleasing appearance often make people feel magnificent, currently in many fields have adopted this imitation gold plating process, it not only improves the product to watch, but also greatly improved the product the value of the goods. Caption: gold-plated badge (gold-plated or gold-plated imitation).

3.silver. Silver silver by electrolysis method is in principle on a layer of metal or nonmetal very Pu. Now silver badge process has been used rarely, primarily silver lies in the nature of the decision, because the chemical properties of silver are active, easily oxidized and gray, black, etc., lose their original shiny silver effect. Nickel-plated silver color with essentially the same, and the chemical properties of the nickel has stable characteristics, so nickel-plated badge has gradually replaced the silver plating.

4.Nickel-plated. Nickel-plated badge making is common in the plating process. Nickel is plated by electrolytic or chemical means on a layer of nickel metal or nonmetal method. Nickel into nickel plating and electroless nickel, badge making process may be different depending on the nickel plating method. Usually silver badge is used more nickel, and less use silver. Because the effect is very close to the nickel-plated silver effect, so the industry is generally also called nickel silver. Nickel and silver badge badges look look very similar, are shiny silver color. But relatively stable characteristics of the nickel after plating color can be relatively stable, while the lively nature than nickel silver, easily oxidized gray, black, which is a lot of silver in the folklore will present a dusty appearance rather than silver . Badges can have a lot of nickel-plated, copper, zinc alloy, iron, etc. can be nickel plated, to prepare a variety of surface effects of metal badges. Caption: silver-plated badge, they are generally used nickel way as nickel more stable chemical properties, wear and corrosion resistance.

5.copper. Is the use of electrolytic copper badge principle on a metal surface coated with a thin layer of copper over. Electroplating, plating metal as the anode, is oxidized to a cation into the plating solution; to be plated as the cathode metal products, metal plating metal cation is reduced to form a surface coating. To exclude the interference of other cations, and the coating uniformity, firm, needed a solution containing the plating metal cations do plating solution in order to maintain the concentration of plating metal cations unchanged. Copper into copper bronze and other colors can increase corrosion resistance and surface effects of the surface of the ornamental badge. Caption: copper badges, generally copper or bronze plated into other colors. When the customer to choose what kind of custom badge badge electroplating process, the most important thing is we need to look at what kind of badge electroplating effect, if you want gold, you can choose gold plated or imitation gold, but gold-plated prices many Jingui imitation, if the pursuit of cost-effective, of course, is to choose imitation gold plating; if you want to choose bright silver, you can choose to use nickel plating; bronze effect you want, you can use plated bronze. Choose their own plating process is the most important.

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