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Souvenir Plate are medal with commemorative plate-shaped items. It is used for collection and investment. Common material Souvenir Plates are made of copper, brass alloy, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, iron, aluminum, PVC, ceramics, etc. The common material Souvenir Plate is the most common form of the collection medal, due to the low price, simple distribution, theme Wide range, many collectors and favorite collectors.
Our Souvenir Plates are Custom Souvenir Plate, Souvenir Metal Plate, Zinc Alloy Souvenir Plate and so on. We can also equip it with a stand to keep it upright.
The cultural connotation of the Souvenir Plate is very rich and has a wide range of political, military, economic, historical, geographical, scientific, tourism, social life and other aspects. The use of Souvenir Plates has penetrated into all aspects of social life.
PINCENTRE is one of the leading China souvenir plate manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale souvenir plate products from our factory.

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