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A trophy is a reward item for people and organizations that have outstanding performance in a particular field. It is especially common in large-scale roving sports competitions. Sports players win wins through fair competitions, and winners receive rewards from certain items. Since the trophies are mostly cup-shaped, they are named, but there are some other rewards that are not cup-shaped. They may use discs, portraits, sculptures or other shapes.
There are many kinds of trophies, which can be divided into the following categories:
1. Metals (commonly used for copper, zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting or forging, surface plating and polishing. )
Precious metal materials generally include gold, silver, platinum, copper, and palladium. These trophies are expensive because of their materials, and they are more valuable as trophies, which is a greater reward for the winners.
2. Crystal (synthetic crystal-based, semi-machine semi-manually ground, the overall crystal clear, different angles of light can reflect different effects.)
With the increasing popularity of crystal gifts, the crystal trophy has gradually emerged from the trophies of many materials. The artificial crystal trophy has the advantage of crystal clear and transparent, and the shape can basically reach the shape of the metal trophy.
3. Dewaxed glass material trophy (including 24% lead artificial crystal raw material, high refractive index, strong permeability.)
4. Synthetic (multiple materials are combined together: for example, resin, plastic mold casting surface plating with metal texture effect. Also useful for metal, stone, wood, synthetic.)
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